Automated Syringe Pump


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A syringe pump allows precise delivery of medications over a chosen time. It can be used as an infusion pump for very small patients. Works best with B/D or Terumo syringes.
Main Features:
– Recognizes syringe size automatically
– Easy to use! Just enter the flow rate and the dosage desired in mls/hr and you’re done.
– Large LED display
– Can be attached to IV pole or lay on flat surface.
– Flow rate increments: 0.2 to 650 ml/hr
– Syringe size: 2ml to 50ml
– Size: 38mm (deep) x 55mm (high)
– Weight: 400gm or < 1 lb or 14.5 oz including battery
– Battery: 7.4V Li-ion 1800 mh recharge
– Limited 1-year warranty
– Languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch & German
– Made in Israel, repaired in U.S.
– 0.05-10ml per hour in 0.01 increments
– 10-650ml per hour in 1 ml increments
– Weight with pole mount : 1.5lbs
– Weight without pole mount: 0.9lbs

This product is currently unavailable for international orders via the website due to hazardous goods shipping requirements.  You can still place an order for it international shipping by calling 1-970-669-2500 or emailing

Additional information

Weight 3.05 lbs
Dimensions 14.5 × 10.25 × 4 in