Everything For Vets: Anatomical Models to Avian Equipment

At Jorgensen labs, we carry many different kinds of veterinary equipment, supplies, and other products for your veterinary practice. Whether you need medical equipment or toys, chances are that we have something for you. So much so in fact that we decided to start an A-Z blog series about our products.

In today’s edition, we’ll be going over the As. While you may already know what you’re looking for, we figured we’d go over our products and let you know both what benefit they serve and what type of special options you’ll have when you buy your products from Jorgensen Labs.

Jorgensen Labs Vet Supplies

Anatomical Models to Avian Equipment and Vet Supplies in Between

There’s so much to know in the world of pets and animals. Which means there’s so much to learn about and so many helpful, fun, and life saving products out there on the market. Whether you just need an anatomical model to inform clients about their pets and animals conditions, or you need help creating real anatomies, there’s a product in the A’s for you.

Anatomical Models

Some of the most common and easy to explain health issues in cats and dogs come from the oral region. When it comes to their pets teeth, many people take the same approach that they would for their own. If it won’t cause long term damage or major short term pain, then they might rather not spend the money. However, sometimes the seriousness of tooth decay or bad oral health can be hard to convey. By using one of our anatomical dental models for either felines or canines, you can help convey the oral health issues their pets are dealing with. We also carry heart and lung, orthopedic, and hip and vertebrae models.

Anesthesia Equipment

Just like people, pets have the wonderful benefit of having anesthesia available for their medical procedures. If you’re doing anything serious or painful for the animal, then you should have the right anesthesia equipment ready. We have everything you need from anesthesia machines, to chambers, circuits, and accessories. We also carry the necessary oxygen and nitrogen equipment, such as tanks, carts, racks, regulators, and connectors. 

Animal Identification

When you have a large number of cows, sheep, goats, pigs, or really any animal that you need to keep track of for proper health and feeding practices, then you’re going to need equipment to help keep track of them. We have all the animal identification tools you need to help make sure that they never go out of date on their medical needs, get lost, or get mixed up with one of the others. Whether you want to go with ear tag applications or you’re looking for tattoo equipment, we have the applicators, inks, and pliers you need to never lose a member of your herd, flock, or group of animals.

Artificial Insemination

If you run a farm, a stable, or are looking to make sure that you have purebred dogs, then we likely have artificial insemination equipment for you. We have everything you need from the equipment needed to collect equine sperm to pipettes and sterilization equipment. We even have software that will let you track the progress of your insemination in equine, bovine, canine, or caprine animals.

Avian Equipment

Taking care of and feeding birds can be tricky business. They’re more delicate than many animals and can get fussy. For this reason, it’s important to have the right equipment to make sure that you can safely provide veterinary care to the bird. Some of the major things to consider are usually how you’ll feed them and how you’ll be able to hold them safely in place while you do. We have bird feeding needles of varying sizes, positioners that help you address issues under the wing, and restrainers that will help them sit comfortably while you work on them.

Jorgensen Labs Vet Supplies

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At Jorgensen Labs, we care about you and your animals’ needs. That’s why we’ve spent the last 55 plus years distributing some of the best veterinary care equipment possible, and we’ve seen them work for our clients’ and their animals time and time again. Whether you’re a veterinarian, a farmer, or someone taking the reins of their animals’ health, shop with us for the best products and a customer service team that’s unmatched.