Everything For Vets — Behavioral Training to Cryotherapy

There are many different types of animals and many different health concerns to be addressed when you’re talking about the entire field of veterinary practices, and at Jorgensen Labs, we’re a veterinary products provider who covers just that — the entire field of veterinary practice. With that being the case, we think it’s only fair that we explain our products and the width of them.

While some products are self explanatory, others are less so in the veterinary world. While you may know exactly what you’re looking for, we wanted to give you some insight into our B and C products. We carry such a wide selection of vet tools and equipment that we’re only able to cover the B’s and C’s of our products today! They cover everyday basics, like behavioral therapy, and more serious medical equipment.

Jorgensen Labs Vet Supplies

From Behavioral Training to Cryotherapy

Everything that has to do with your clients’ pets or animals, is likely very important to them. From the basic to the most complex, you want to make sure that you have the best vet tools and equipment available to do the job. Here are some of the basic and complex situations we provide the tools for.

Behavioral Training

Behavioral training is one of the most important things we can do for our pets, especially early on in their lives, as the more they cement their behaviors, the harder it will be to change them. For many issues, as the pet or animal gets older, it will be harder and harder for them to be around humans and other animals. Of course, it’s not just issues of aggression, some dogs have problems with anxiety or issues eating, and we have behavioral training tools for that too! From a muzzle to a car harness or slow feeder, we have what you need to keep your dog safe from themselves and others.


Biopsies are never fun, but they’re something that needs to be done oftentimes when an animal gets sick. It’s important for various factors, but is especially key in tracking the risk factors associated with large groups of animals. If you’re caring for farmyard animals, then the responsible thing to do is to perform biopsies on any that come up with an unknown cause of death. We have the needles, curettes, and other tools needed for bone marrow extraction, as well as skin punching and scraping tools, among others.

Bovine Abdominal Surgery

If you’re going to perform bovine abdominal surgery, then you probably already know that you will need some major tools for the job. We have the trocar, needles, and sutures to help you get the procedure done and done safely.

Castration/ Spaying 

We’re often reminded to spay and neuter our animals, but many animal owners still don’t know the full range of benefits that this can have for pets. It often means that they’ll be less aggressive and adjust better overtime to their domestic life, but it also helps prevent a range of illnesses and diseases that the animal would be otherwise susceptible to. Having the tools to spay or castrate pets and farm animals is critical for any successful veterinarian. Get your emasculators and spay scissors here.


At times, just like humans, animals will have issues that require a little extra help than the body is able to give in order to get something out of it. One of the tools used by both human surgeons and in veterinary practices are catheters. Get yours today to help your animal through their medical condition and to some relief.

Clinical Labs

Sometimes there are more serious health concerns or issues with pets and other animals going on then what can be seen in the vet’s office. In this scenario, you’ll probably have to send some things off to the lab. Well, what if you are the lab? Or you want to start to keep some of those services in house? Then we’ve got the supplies for you! We have everything from beakers and blood testing instruments to microscopes and PH tests.


Cryosurgery is the name for surgeries that involve removing infected or problematic tissues after first treating them with an intense freezing cold. Similar to how you would remove a wart from your foot. A wide range of farm animal and pet afflictions are at least partially treated with cryosurgery, and we have the tools you need to do the job in your veterinarian office — from closed probes to Cool Renewal products.

Jorgensen Labs Vet Supplies

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Whether you’re a veterinarian guiding your own practice, running a zoo, or you take care of the livestock on a farm, we’ve got the right equipment for any scale of veterinary operation. Shop online with us today and contact us if you have any questions!