Everything for Vets: Diagnostic Tools to Equine Supplies

If you’re in need of vet supplies or equipment, Jorgensen Labs wants to be your first choice for restocking and big purchases. We have everything from the latest technology to chew toys for many different animals. Whether you’re working on a neighbor’s cat or you’re a large animal veterinarian at a zoo, we’ve got supplies for you.

At Jorgensen Labs we have been a trusted distributor in the vet supplies industry as a since the 1960s. We ship wholesale vet equipment and supplies across the United States and internationally from our home base in Loveland, CO. We know the little guy well, having started out with just a few employees in our home town. That’s why we do individual sales online as well, so rural vets and those with their own practice can provide the best care to their animals.

Jorgensen distributes to every major veterinary retailer

Our Products A – Z ( But Really D Through E)

We have so many products at Jorgensen Labs that sometimes it can be hard to sift through them all. If you need to get a little more familiar with the products we have for sale, our A – Z blog series is a good place to start. Check out these items as well as the A’s, B’s & C’s now.

Diagnostic and Restraint — Restraining and testing an animal for diagnoses isn’t always easy, but it can be essential for saving the animal from further harm or worse. At Jorgensen Labs, we have everything from bodysuits for dogs to tie-ups, leashes, harnesses, feline restraint bags, muzzles, and more.

Ear Instruments — Taking care of an animal’s ears is important. Ear conditions are one of the hardest for owners to spot, and the animal may seemingly be in pain for no reason. Proper diagnoses and care can go a long way to improving their quality of life, even just cleaning their ears will help them be more sanitary. You can get everything from speculums and vet cam extension cords to wax eaters, curettes, and ear clamps.

Electrosurgery — While it may sound scary to the layman, electrosurgery was a great leap in veterinary technology and it serves an important function in saving the lives of animals. With electrosurgery tools, veterinarians can cut and cauterize with the same handheld device. This can significantly reduce the loss of blood during a procedure and increase the animal’s chance at survival. Get your electrosurgery tools for your large animal veterinary procedures or major surgeries.

Equine Dental Instruments — Keeping teeth healthy is important with any animal, but especially with equine animals, as they grind their teeth even when they’re not chewing. Help keep the horses, donkeys, and other equine animals in your rural area ready for their close up. Jorgensen can give you the tools to do so, with equine float equipment, mouth gags, teeth extraction and elevation tools, cameras, and more now.

Equine Specialty and Radiology — Horses and donkeys can be particularly hard animals to care for. They’re massively strong in many regards, but they have fragile, awkward joints and long limbs. We have radiology equipment and splints to help diagnose and treat limb and joint problems as well as a number of other equine veterinary instruments.

Get Your Vet Supplies From Jorgensen Labs Today

At Jorgensen Labs, we’re always looking to expand our customer base so they can have the best equipment and their animals can receive the best care. Our small company has been supplying vets with the best equipment for surgery and every day care since the 1960’s, and we hope you’ll be our next believer. Get all your veterinary supplies with us today!