Everything for Vets: General Surgery to Grooming Aids

Jorgensen Labs has been providing the best pet supplies available all around the nation and the world for quite some time. Now we want to be your lab or veterinary office’s first choice for restocking everyday items as well as your major pieces of laboratory, surgical, and specialty care equipment. From equine surgery to Elizabethan collars, we have something for every vet’s needs.

At Jorgensen, we have a wide range of veterinary equipment, and serve everyone from international zoos to small local practices with just a few employees. Shipping wholesale vet supplies and equipment since the 1960’s, we make it our job to be the best, and be available to everybody.

Jorgensen distributes to every major veterinary retailer

Our Great General Surgery, Genito-Urinary, and Grooming Aid Products

The list of G’s at Jorvet is short, but they pack a big punch punch in terms of veterinary supplies. Read through our G products to find out more. Our general surgery and grooming aid selections are second to none. Whether you’re working with large zoo animals or a family pet, we have the equipment you need at great wholesale and individual pricing.

General Surgery

Our general surgery category covers all the basics and then some. You can get spay kits, instrument guards, a large variety of forceps, clamps, rib spreaders, and all the other tools you need to do the dirty work of saving an animal’s life or repairing their injury.


Catheters are an unpleasant, but sometimes necessary medical instrument that helps relieve pain as well as contributes to the treatment of certain afflictions. At Jorgensen labs, all of our catheters are safe, and we offer them for cats, dogs, equine creatures, and a few others.

Grooming Aid Products

Some of the simplest health measures help us look and feel great, it’s just as true with dogs as it is with humans, and with our grooming products you can help ensure that your dog is flea free, and free of matted hair. For cats, we have gloves specially made to help you groom them, whisking away hair as it goes. Get them today to use at your veterinary office or to have for sale in your store front.

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At Jorgensen Labs, we have everything that vets need, from A-Z, and we’d be proud to be your supplier. Contact us or shop online today!