Why Proper Hoof Care and Equipment is Important

Through the years, horse and cattle owners have come to know many challenges of dealing with these majestic beasts, and one of the greatest challenges can come with an injured or infected hoof. Because the horse and cow’s hooves bear so much weight, an ailment in the hooves could easily lead to something more serious. In the wild, horses (and relatives of farm cattle) move around so much that they naturally trim their hooves, and they don’t need horseshoes because there’s no one riding them. However, if you own or care for horses, you need to make sure you have the right tools for hoof care.

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Why Hoof Care Matters for Horses and Cows

Whatever we call them, feet, hooves, paws, they’re all very important to the animals standing on them. They’re also an area where most animals are deceptively vulnerable. Horses, cows, and other large four-legged animals have it particularly hard, and have an extremely difficult time living on three legs, because they can’t balance their weight. This is why a hard fall and a broken leg has so often been a death sentence for these animals. By protecting their hooves, you’re protecting them from falls, infection, and the nasty results that come with those, making sure you have the right equipment, such as hoof knives and picks, trimmers, searchers, and testers, is just a small part of the process.

The Importance of Hoof Care and Regular Maintenance for Horses and Cows

A horse hoof bears hundreds of pounds of weight, making any injury a stressor for the animal. It may end up contributing to a lack of nutrition and exercise that could eventually lead to lameness if it gets bad enough. Thankfully, regular care can keep this from being an issue. Here are a few bullet points on what regular hoof care for horses should look like.

  • Regularly pick out a horse’s hooves, making sure to get out any rocks or thrush
  • Trim horse hooves every six to eight weeks to keep them at a safe size and shape, cows hooves should be trimmed at least twice a year, but cows with certain conditions may need it more often.
  • Hooves must be properly balanced with the horse or cow
  • Trimming should be done by veterinarian or farrier

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be able to prevent a wide array of possible hoof ailments. 

Get Your Hoof Care Equipment From Jorgensen

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