The Importance of Instrument Storage and Sterilization for Vets

The Importance of Instrument Storage and Sterilization for Vets jorgensen labs loveland

If we are to learn from history, then we will learn that the importance of instrument storage and sterilization of surgical instruments for both humans and vets is crucial in order to prevent after-surgery infections or worse.

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Sterilization is the process of ensuring that surgical instruments are cleaned and properly disinfected before they are used for surgery on a pet. The obvious benefit is that this process  drastically reduces the likelihood of an infection. In addition, this reduces the need to use new surgical instruments, plus it promotes a good, clean veterinary clinic. There are a few different types of sterilization utilized in the veterinary field.

Steam Sterilization

Sterilizing by using steam is a very common method used by vets across the country. This method kills the dangerous bacteria with the moisture. Pressure is often used to increase the steam’s temperature in order to ensure all of the germs and bacteria are killed. Autoclave chambers allow the steam to reach over the boiling point of water and can take up to 90 minutes to ensure sterilization. There are three common types of sterilizers used, such as gravity, prevacuum, and steam pulsing. Each operates a bit differently, but all achieve the same results.

Cold Sterilization

Cold sterilization is another common technique amongst veterinarians for instruments that cannot be sterilized using steam sterilization. This would include any instrument with a lens, such as an endoscope and an arthroscope, as well as anesthetic equipment. These instruments are then placed in a special solution and allowed to sit in order to kill all of the bacteria, viruses, and other bad guys hanging out on them.

Standard Cleaning and Disinfecting

At the end of every veterinary surgery, your surgical instruments should be cleaned of all debris within 30 minutes of the procedure to prevent the blood from drying. This should be done using common soap and distilled water before the instruments head to the sterilization process. Each surgical instrument should be visually inspected to ensure they are clean of any physical material before being sterilized. When it comes to the health and safety of animals, you can never be too cautious.

Plasma Sterilization

In this type of sterilization chosen by veterinarians, hydrogen peroxide gas is used to kill microorganisms inside a chamber. The gas produces free radicals that then attach themselves to the bacteria and germs and kills them. Radio waves are used to enact this process. When the sterilization process is over after about one hour, the materials revert back to oxygen, water, and other byproducts. Many types of single-celled organisms can be killed using this method, including bacteria, spores, fungi, and viruses.


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