The Growing Role of Technology in a Veterinary Practice

It’s not a stretch to say that technology has completely changed healthcare for most of the human population. But humans aren’t the only ones who need healthcare, and if you don’t know by now, your nearest pet will notify you they need your assistance right around dinner time.

Yes, any competent veterinarian’s vet supplies look a lot different than they were 10 or 20 years ago. Technology — like human healthcare — has fundamentally altered veterinary care and practices. Here are a few ways the pros at Jorgensen Labs have seen technology change the industry.

Improved Communication

Improved communication between the customer and your practice means more satisfied customers, and the clincher: they’re more likely to come back for repeated visits. Unfortunately, vet supplies of yesteryear couldn’t send appointment reminders or electronic communication, so they missed out on this valuable opportunity.


Lowers the Cost of Care

Technology also improves patient outcomes. As technology becomes more and more prevalent in vet supplies, you’ll likely find that certain pieces of lab equipment or other vet supplies become more affordable, or easier to acquire.

Patient and Client Data Integration

One of the main benefits of technology in veterinary practices is integrating the animal’s data with the client’s data. Instead of having disparate systems and data silos, you can have one singular portal with the client’s payment information, visit history, medical images, diagnostic reports, and more, making it easier to collect payments, send reminders, and deliver a higher quality of care.


Technologically Enhanced Vet Supplies Lead to Better Outcomes

When you introduce cutting-edge technology to centuries of veterinarian best practices, you end up with better patient outcomes. The principle here is much the same as it is with human medicine: technology streamlines processes and helps aggregate valuable diagnostic data so practitioners can make informed decisions.

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