The Importance of Instrument Storage and Sterilization for Vets

If we are to learn from history, then we will learn that the importance of instrument storage and sterilization of surgical instruments for both humans and vets is crucial in order to prevent after-surgery infections or worse. Jorgensen Labs is a veterinarian-owned and family-run business that has been helping vets with vet supplies since 1965.…

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Why Proper Hoof Care and Equipment is Important

Girl rides horse

Through the years, horse and cattle owners have come to know many challenges of dealing with these majestic beasts, and one of the greatest challenges can come with an injured or infected hoof. Because the horse and cow’s hooves bear so much weight, an ailment in the hooves could easily lead to something more serious.…

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How Practicing Acupuncture Can Help Pets

Modern medicine has helped to increase the lifespan of both humans and their pets, but of course, we have century old tactics to fall back on too. As we’ve gotten more advanced in the veterinary field, we’ve started to learn that pets have more in common with humans than we knew, and it turns out…

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Everything for Vets: General Surgery to Grooming Aids

Jorgensen Labs has been providing the best pet supplies available all around the nation and the world for quite some time. Now we want to be your lab or veterinary office’s first choice for restocking everyday items as well as your major pieces of laboratory, surgical, and specialty care equipment. From equine surgery to Elizabethan…

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Everything for Vets: Diagnostic Tools to Equine Supplies

If you’re in need of vet supplies or equipment, Jorgensen Labs wants to be your first choice for restocking and big purchases. We have everything from the latest technology to chew toys for many different animals. Whether you’re working on a neighbor’s cat or you’re a large animal veterinarian at a zoo, we’ve got supplies…

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Everything For Vets: Anatomical Models to Avian Equipment

Bird in gentle restraining device gets medicine

At Jorgensen labs, we carry many different kinds of veterinary equipment, supplies, and other products for your veterinary practice. Whether you need medical equipment or toys, chances are that we have something for you. So much so in fact that we decided to start an A-Z blog series about our products. In today’s edition, we’ll…

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Everything For Vets — Behavioral Training to Cryotherapy

Woman in lab

There are many different types of animals and many different health concerns to be addressed when you’re talking about the entire field of veterinary practices, and at Jorgensen Labs, we’re a veterinary products provider who covers just that — the entire field of veterinary practice. With that being the case, we think it’s only fair…

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What Kind Of Vet Supplies Do We Offer?

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten the opportunity to sit down and blog for our readers. We at Jorgensen Laboratories are proud to be able to continue to provide high-quality vet supplies and products across the nation during these tumultuous times in 2020.  And, seeing as how plenty of time has passed since our…

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