The overall goal of this CE course is for private practitioners with a keen interest in dentistry to leave feeling more comfortable and prepared to handle more challenging malocclusions and extractions and to recognize and treat periodontal disease effectively.

Instructors for this course are recognized as experts in their field and will give you the opportunity to explore the following subjects:

1️⃣ Recognizing and treating periodontal disease.
2️⃣ Clinical implications of non-routine malocclusions.
3️⃣ Treatment non-routine malocclusions via well placed odontoplasty.
4️⃣ Comprehensive treatment planning with preparation for extractions via review of oral exam and radiographs.
5️⃣ Incisor and canine extraction techniques.
6️⃣ “Simple” intraoral extraction technique and fragment removal.
7️⃣ Minimally invasive transbuccal extraction technique.
8️⃣ Coronectomy, tooth sectioning, and odontoplasty to aid extraction.
9️⃣ Radiculectomy and modified repulsion extraction techniques.

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