In this video you will see the latest of JorVet repro products.

Highlighted products include:
The i4 Semen Evaluation Microscope (J0334QSE/J0334QTSE) – with Heated Stage for accurate motility and Phase Contrast for excellent visibility
The Z4 Embryo-GLO Stereoscope (J0755Z4BEG/J0755Z4TEG) – with Tilting Mirror Illumination for amazing clarity of viable embryos
The BioVID 4K and MiniVID WiFi cameras (J0822BV4K) – for training and documentation of sperm or embryo viability
The ReadyWarm and Slide Warmer (J0900R4T) – for keeping your slides and supplies warm while handling live samples
The MX5 Centrifuge (J0501M5850) – with 8-place 50ml swing-out rotor for equine semen concentration
The E8 Centrifuge (J0501UMVC/J0501UMDC) – with 8-place 15ml angled rotor for small animal semen concentration or portable use at the barn