Jorgensen Laboratories has now added the ability to request a demo for some of our top products!

Step 1:  Click on any of the product links below to go to the product page.

Artificial Insemination
iSperm® Bovine Software w/o iPad® (J1470B)
iSperm® Canine Software w/o iPad® (J1470C)
iSperm® Caprine Software w/o iPad® (J1470G)
iSperm® Equine Software w/o iPad® (J1470)

Clinical Laboratory Equipment
Count Right Pill Counter (J1245N)
InSight HCT Meter (J1396)
JorVet Glucometer Kit (J1376N)
Lactate Starter Kit (J1384)
QLabs Veterinary Coagulation Analyser (J1399)
100x DRY Infinity Plan Objective Lens (J0334D100P)

Cool Renewal Kit (J1401)
Cool Renewal Kit, 1 Canister (J1401C)

Dental Scaler/Polisher
JorVet Premier Ultrasonic Scaler/Polisher (J1180)

Doppler Ultrasonic Blood Flow Monitor (J0563)

JorVet Electrosurgery (J0470M)
Bovie Electro Surgery Unit (J0484M)

HDE Power Float Kits w/ Water Cooling
Set Level 2 (J1410S2WC)
Set Level 3 (J1410S3WC)
Set Level 4 (J1410S4WC)

Infusion Pumps
Automated Syringe Pump (J1096)
Vet Pro Infusion Pump, Abbott 2000 (J1097)
Vet Pro Infusion Pump, Baxter IV (J1097B)

IV Fluid Warmer
Warm Line, IV Fluid Line Warmer (J1448)

Surgical & Diagnostic Monitors
Vital Signs Monitor – Pulse Oximeter (SpO2) (J1459)
Vital Signs Monitor – Pulse Oximeter (SpO2) + Temperature (J1459A)
Vital Signs Monitor – Pulse Oximeter (SpO2) + Blood Pressure (NIBP) + Temperature (J1459B)
Vital Signs Monitor – Pulse Oximeter (SpO2) + Capnography (ETCO2) (J1459C)
Vital Signs Monitor – Pulse Oximeter (SpO2) + Blood Pressure (NIBP) + Capnography (ETCO2) (J1459D)

Tonovet Plus Tonometer (J1000TP)

Vessel Sealing
Aesculap Lektrfuse HF (J1480)
Caiman®, 240mm Length  (J1480A)
Caiman®, 360mm Length (J1480B)

V-Gel® Advanced Supraglottic Airway Device
Rabbit – All Sizes
Cat – All Sizes

Warm Air Units
Vet Bedjet Warm Air System (J1034Z)


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