Adhesive Surgical Drape/film with Povidine


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The Majority of human surgeries use clear adhesive drape over the incision site.  The rest of the patient is draped with standard non-woven disposable drape material.  The clear adhesive drape offers several advantages:

1. Transparency – the film is ultra thin and highly transparent, which gives clear observation to the surgical field for locating anatomical landmarks.

2. Antibacterial – impregnated with povidine iodine giving the drape a slight orange tint. Very effective against most skin pathogens. Emergence of MRSA makes this more imperative.

3. Fluid and Pathogen resistance – sterile barrier prevents fluids or pathogens right up to the edge of the incision.

4. Permeable – allows the skin to breathe and vapor to pass.

5. High Elasticity – follows natural contours for reliable gap free adherence.

6. Low Sensitivity – no irritation to skin or wound

7. Moderate Viscosity – no injury to skin when removing the dressing.


Range of sizes, packaged sterile in sealed pouch

J1086a – 14cm x 20cm (6″ x 8″) 20 pieces/box

J1086b – 20cm x 30cm (8″ x 12″) 20 pieces/box

J1086c – 30cm x 45cm (12″ x 18″) 20 pieces/box

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5.5 × 2.5 in
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14cm x 20cm, 20cm x 30cm, 30cm x 45cm, 45cm x 60cm