Aesculap Lektrfuse HF


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Caiman® is intended to be used as a multipurpose vessel sealing and cutting instrument in laparoscopic, thorascopic, and open surgery.
The Caiman® uses a radio frequency generator connected via an electric cord to an all-in-one instrument that will safely seal, cauterize and cut soft tissue.
Plug and Play
Easy and safe to use
Long jaw tip
Enlarged vessel sealing length and improved surgical efficiency
Tip first closure
Retains tissues within the jaws for improved compression
Uniform tissue compression
Leads to consistent sealing quality from distal to proximal tip
One seal confidence
State of the art vessel sealing with only one step energy activation
Caiman® instruments seal vessels and vessel bundles up to 7mm in diameter and feature an average thermal spread <1mm. Effectively seals with virtually no adhesion or charring.
The Caiman® takes care of temperature, pressure and time of sealing.

Aesculap Lektrafuse HF generator bipolar
*does not include handpiece

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