Anatomic Models, Orthopedic, Canine Hip and Lower Vertebrae


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Anatomical Models. Want to educate your clients and increase their com- pliance? The use of 3-dimensional models is much more effective than words or pictures. The use of anatomical models as a client education tool is widespread in human medicine. JorVet’s wide range of anatomical mod- els offer:
– Excellent detail of veterinary specific anatomy, not human models
– Many models offer examples of common pathology on one side and normal anatomy on the other
– All models use urethrane, acrylic plastic materials
– Teeth can be removed from socket
Simply, when clients better understand their pet’s condition they are more likely to accept the treatment you suggest.

Orthopedic Model. These models give minute details of various important joints and orthopedic structures. All are made from urethane plastic. Mounted on a wood base, yet still removable for handling and examination.

Canine Hip and Lower Vertebrae.
– One hip joint features normal anatomy, the other shows pathology, (i.e., hip dysplasia)
– Normal and abnormal inter-vertebral discs
– Spinal cord and nerve roots are in yellow
– Lumbosacral joint
– Wood base 7″ x 9″

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