Blood Bag w/ ACD Solution, Feline, 50ml, Sterile


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Feline anemia can be an indication for blood transfusions. Feline blood transfusion can be a difficult procedure due to the small patient weight and limited range of transfusion products available for smaller patients.
Jorvet is now offering a range of small volume collection bags with anticoagulant already added.

Previous Problem:
Existing feline blood collection products required the addition of anticoagulants just before collection in an “open” system. The amount of anticoagulant needed was an estimate that could be wrong with too much or too little.

JorVet’s new blood collection bags are smaller in size with pre-attached 20g collection needle or a “closed system”. Tubing length 75cm.

50ml sterile blood bag w/ 7.5ml ACD

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