Bone Binder, Small


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Bone Binder
A great alternative – easy, intuitive, and fast.
Placing cerclage wire is a frustrating surgical procedure. They can break or loosen with time, plus are difficult to place securely. Cable ties are a simple and well known method of fixation. Their use in surgery has been limited because they have not been studied or approved as implants. Braun/Aesculap has done extensive studying over time to demonstrate the safety of this product:
– Easy and fast application
– No loosening of Bone Binder
– No additional instruments
– Consists of histo compatible, non-absorbable Polyamide 6.6
– Contains very fine radiographic markers
– Each box contains 5 packs of 2 (10 total)
– Sterile

Small. 2.5mm(W) x 90mm(L)

Proper orthopedic protocol calls for a minimum of 2 bone binders on any fracture.

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Dimensions 9.5 × 2 × 1.5 in

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