Braun Introcan IV Catheter, 20Gx 1 1/4″, Pink


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Braun Introcan Certo IV Catheters. These Braun IV catheters are one of the top selling IV catheters in European vet market. Veterinary Bevel The unique and extremely sharp bevel guarantees variable puncture angles (10°-45°). Therefore, VasoVet® adapts very well to the various situations in veterinary medicine. Polyurethane The catheter material is characterized by its kink resistance, thermoplasticity and excellent biocompatibility. Thus, Polyurethane prolongs the catheter indwelling time. Radiopaque Stripes Four radiopaque stripes provide good X-ray visibility.

• 3 facet bevel

• High transparency of catheter segments

• Hydrophobic blood collector plug

• Sizes color coded hub

• Latex, PCV and DEHP free

• Sterile

Braun Introcan IV Catheter, 20g x 1 1/4″, Pink

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