Breathe Warm – Heated and Humidified Anesthesia System Intro Kit



The need for hypothermia prevention during anesthesia is well recognized in veterinary medicine. In addition, loss of moisture during expiration contributes to hypothermia, especially with smaller patients. Medical oxygen is typically dry and cold.
The ability to offer warm and humidified oxygen would be a tremendous benefit to patient’s core temperature.
The Breathe Warm System offers a small control unit that warms oxygen to body temp. The addition of a special anesthesia circuit allows for humidification without condensation.

Control Unit Specifications
• Out temperature range 34°c (93°F) to 45°c (113°F) with 100% relative humidity
• Warm time 15 minutes maximum
• Digital control
• Input flow rate of up to 20 liters/min
• Input voltage 110 AC
• Meets UL 544 standards

Anesthesia Circuit Special Humidifier Design
• Unilimb or F circuit design
• 100% cotton wick that is specifically designed to saturate quickly and evenly with the use of sterile water via a standard syringe.
• Quick set up time and can operate for 8 hours at 2 LPM
• Cotton wick can be removed and cleaned between uses

Intro Kit Includes
• Controller
• Circuit
• Syringe
• Cleaning solution
• Sterile water

Breathe Warm – Heated and Humidified Anesthesia System Intro Kit


Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 10.5 in