BRIX 0-32% Optical Refractometer


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Measuring the quality of equine and bovine colostrum just got easier. BRIX refractometers traditionally measure sugar content in juices and fluids. The new BRIX refractometer is compact, durable, and easy to use, and it only takes a few drips to test quality in colostrum. BRIX scores of 22% or higher represent good quality in colostrum, 1-21% represent colostrum that can be used for second feedings, and scores below 1% will need to be supplemented.

TOTAL SOLIDS in milk can also be determined using the BRIX refractometer. 12.5% to 13% total solids would be expected in normal milk.

The following equation was developed to convert to total solids in milk: TOTAL SOLIDS = (0.994 x BRIX reading) + 2.077. Therefore, a BRIX reading of 10.4 equals 12.5% total solids, and a reading of 10.9 equals 13%

BRIX 0-32% Optical Refractometer, automatic temp compensating, fo- cusing eyepiece, carry case, easy-to-read scale.

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