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C-Muzzle with Velcro Flaps to Visualize Mouth and Teeth.
Safety and Protection. The use of a nylon muzzle is a common everyday necessity in a veterinary practice. Patients can be upset, frightened, and even vicious. However, standard nylon muzzles block access to the oral cavity. The C-Muzzle was developed by a practicing veterinarian to solve that problem. Velcro flaps on both sides of the jaw allow visual inspection and access to the patient’s mouth.
– Assess parameters such as gum color and capillary refill
– Assess possible dental problems
– Give oral treatments such as emergency poisonings
– Oral vaccinations such as Bordetella

Size: 4
Recommended Breed: Breeds with wide, short snouts such as Boxers, Bloodhounds, Great Danes, St Bernards, Great Pyrenees

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