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ClayPaws® Clay makes deep, intricate prints that show the most personal details of a pet’s paw. The clay captures the love people feel for their pets and preserves it forever.

All of our ClayPaws® Kits Include:

• one clay patty made from the ClayPaws® exclusive formula

• One plastic storage bag to serve as a send-home container for the finished paw print

• An instruction sheet for your staff

• Send-home information for your clients


J1500 White ClayPaws® Kit

This classic White ClayPaws® Clay creates a beautiful, detailed impression that is deeply meaningful on its own or can be decorated as desired.


J1500tc Terra Cotta ClayPaws® Kit

This Terra Cotta ClayPaws® Clay option gives a natural look while capturing the individual details of each paw that earth clays often miss. Terra Cotta ClayPaws® Clay also disguises dirt or debris that might be transferred from the paw onto the clay.


J1500c Maroon Circle Mold, 4” Diameter

ClayPaws® Clay must be kneaded, then formed into a patty before making a paw print.  This process is made easier with the use of Circle Molds.  The Circle Mold allows you to make a perfectly rounded patty, every time, without wasting clay. Each Circle Mold comes with a laminated folder, called a Patty Pad, that provides a smooth and clean surface to work on. Instructions for use are printed on the inside of each Patty Pad. Reusable!

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