ClearView™ 2 Optical Imaging System w/ iPod


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Retinal imaging made simple and easy.

Proper examination of any veterinary patient’s retina or fundus is a challenging task. The standard ophthalmoscope is hard to become proficient at using and does not give lasting images that can be further studied.
The Clear View 2 uses an iPod® platform (not an iPhone®) with a special app and software. The cone shaped lens is attached and is held a few cm away from the patient. An LED light beam is centered over the pupil. The Clear View 2 rapidly takes images and then saves the best for evaluation. These can be stored in patient’s file or emailed to a colleague.
Some suggested indications:
• Feline hypertension: Monitor retinal changes
• Genetic or heritable retinal disease. Many breeds have a predilection for retinal pathology
• Sudden blindness
• Glaucoma: Can cause secondary retinal damage
• Head trauma: Can cause retinal tears or detachment

ClearView™ 2 Optical Imaging System w/ iPod


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