Closed Wound Drainage Kit, 200cc, Round, 4.8mm o.d.


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This vacuum drain’s most common use is for post-op drainage Jackson Pratt.
The kit is designed to create suction or negative pressure for draining wounds. A fenestrated silicone drain is placed into position with the aid of a stainless steel trocar. This drain is attached to a silicone bulb with a one-way valve. When the bulb is released a vacuum is created that pulls exudates out through the drain. Wound exudates can be stored, visualized, or cultured. The drain has a radio-opaque line for the entire length.
The kit consists of: a130mm stainless steel trocar, silicone fenestrated drain and tubing, a silicone bulb, a clamp for attachment to bandage or patient.

Reservoir – 200cc
Tubing – 2.88mm i.d. x 4.8mm o.d. round
Needle – 4.8mm o.d.
Fenestration – 9 inches

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Weight 0.35 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 2.5 in

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