Cod Fish Skin Graft 3cm X 7cm


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A fish skin graft is a new exciting development in the wound care field.

The Cod skin is gently processed then, sterile packaged for use as a skin graft in non-healing wounds or burns. The patient’s skin regrows into the graft bed and it is totally incorporated into the new healed wound.

• FDA: Used very successfully for several years in US human medical field

• Long shelf life

• Store at room temperature

• In sterile chevron pouch

• Can be applied without sedation

• Non immunogenic

• Acellular matrix

The grafts are full of natural collagen plus elastins, proteoglycans and other important natural body healing molecules. Also, it contains 30X higher ratio of naturally occurring Omega3 fatty acids than mammal graft material.


Remove graft material and trim to size, then gently soak in warm saline. Place onto graft bed area. Choice to suture, staple or in most cases just lay onto graft bed.

Cod Fish Skin Graft 3cm X 7cm

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