Cozy Heated Anesthesia Circuits


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Reduce Critical Heat Loss with Warm Air Inhalation from the First Breath. Recent research shows that small animals typically lose 2 degreeF core body temperature before anesthesia commences. In the first 15 to 30 minutes following induction there is a rapid critical temperature loss of between 4-8 degreeF, which is often the clip and prep time*. Darvall’s heated smooth wall breathing circuits are an innovative solution to this critical heat loss by safely delivering warmed inspired gases to the patient immediately from the first breath after intubation. In addition re-warming of hypothermia patients is twice as fast by combining heated circuits with forced warm air blankets*.

Heating element embedded in the smooth-wall tubing ribbing
Dual sensors in Y-piece and oesophagus monitor temperature to
ensure patient safety
Deliver warm inspired gas from the moment of intubation
For 5lb to 1751b use. For 0 to 5lb, use with Darvall’s new low-flow
heated Lack circuit
Can be used with other circle systems down to 10lb animals

*Reference: Bowling PA et al. Effects of Heated Anesthesia Breathing
Circuits on Body Temp. in 5kg macaques JAALAS 60c1-6i 2021

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