Cozy Heated Qube


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Safely Warming Exotics, Birds, and Reptiles. A totally new solution to managing hypothermia in tiny patients.


– Zero Dead Space (ZDS) from unidirectional gas flow in masks: no CO2 rebreathing & predictable delivery of anesthetic

– 5 sizes of interchangeable masks with sealed diaphragms minimizing WAG exposure

– Mask diaphragms replaceable

– Endotracheal tube adapter available for bigger animals e.g. rabbits

– Environmentally responsible 100mVlb fresh gas flow

– Stable 1lb Aluminium Qube,rotates to adjust mask height

– Qube heated with thermostatic control, warming inspired gas to 107C

– Esophageal/rectal temperature probe continuously monitors patient

– 2 sizes of Temperature probe available 9/64? OD (standard) & 3/32? OD (micro)

– Darvall Cozy Heated Qube prevents heat loss from the very first breath