Cranial Parntarsal Plate, Canine, 2.7/3.5


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Dorsal Pantarsal Arthrodesis Plates. The latest version of the dorsal pantarsal arthrodesis plate, again developed by Noel Fitzpatrick includes some new important features. The possible angulation for the calcaneal screw has been increased. There are now two slots proximal to the bend to maximize screw options. The overall size is smaller making it suitable for medium. Both proximal and distal tips have been tapered down to ease introduction and to reduce the stress risers at the interface between plate and bone.

2.7/3.5 Canine Cranial pantarsal plate. Although requiring more initial dissection than the medial approach, the cranial plate makes alignment easier and does not involve screwing metatarsals to each other. Stability across the talocrural joint is achieved by a screw which passes through the plate and crosses the joint into the calcaneous.

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