Dental Wedge, Small


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The Wedge Veterinary Mouth Prop. The use of a mouth gag or speculum is a common procedure in small animal medicine. Maintaining an open mouth is a requirement for many dental cases and for proper ex- amination of the upper airways.
The wedge is a clear plastic mouth prop that features:
– Anatomic design for proper, secure placement between premolars and molars
– Radiolucent for unobstructed radiographs
– Autoclavable
– A hole is provided to attach a suture for emergency removal
– Can be used if canine teeth are absent
– Soft and pliable for patient comfort.
– Suggested uses: intubation, oral surgery, dental procedure, oral exam, radiographic exam

Small. Cats and small dogs, <20 lbs.

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Sml Animal Dental Inst.