Doppler Band


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Finally, a fast and easy way to secure the Doppler probe to your patient! The Doppler BP unit is an essential tool for accurate blood pressure
measurements especially for small patients like felines and up to large canines.
The Doppler Band is designed to securely and comfortably hold the Doppler probe crystal against the patient. Typically the probe crystal is manually held onto the leg which is both tedious and labor intensive. Eliminates the need for hand holding or taping the probe into place.
• 1” (25mm) wide, purple, organic latex elastic band
• Small Velcro dots for secure positioning
• Convenient probe cradle designed for specific brand probes
• Ensures sensor-side is always facing the patient
Doppler Bands for other doppler brands also available.

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JorVet Gen II Doppler Probe Band, Parks Doppler Probe Band, VetMed Doppler Probe Band, orVet/Koven Doppler Probe Band