Evan’s Mobility Cart, Small


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Veterinarians frequently encounter patients that are non-ambulatory, either temporarily or even permanently. Providing these patients with the proper support is a difficult challenge, yet necessary to get the patient up and moving to achieve maximum rehabilitation.
The Evan’s mobility cart was designed by a veterinarian to help any animal that is “down” on hind or front limbs due to post surgery or trauma, paralysis, hip dysplasia or other arthritic conditions.
The cart features:
– Tough, durable framework constructed of powder coated lightweight tubular steel
– Four legs with casters with bearings, allowing 360 degrees range of motion
– Reduced risk of cart turnover
– Washable and adjustable nylon mesh saddle support

Size: Small
Height: 13″
Width: 9 1/4″
Length: 11 3/4″
11″ maximum shoulder length. Dachshund/small terrier.

Actual Weight:  10 lbs

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Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 13 × 15 in




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