Evolox Reconstruction Plate, 3.5mm, 14 holes x 167mm


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Plates with threaded locking screws at a fixed angle are now widely used. The Evolox system is the next logical progression to allow the surgeon freedom on the angular placement of fixation screws.
– Can use either conventional non-locking screws or compatible locking screws (JorVet, Synthes)
– Both screw types can be positioned up to 10 degrees of angulation
– Plate bending: greatly reduced need for anatomical form of plate as screw head is locked onto the plate
– Fragment reduction: aids individual fragment fixation by allowing screws to angle and lock towards the core of the bone rather than be limited to straight perpendicular present screws must follow.
– Crumple zones: plates in the EvoloxTM range that require bending have crumple zones. They control the movement of material and direct distortion away from the locking hole. Locking plugs should be used for added protection.

EvoloxTM Reconstruction Plate (string of pearls) 3.5mm screw holes
14 holes x 167mm

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