External Stifle Distractor 2.5mm


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Osteoarthritic stifles can be very tight making examination and treatment of meniscal lesions difficult. Distraction of the articular surfaces using intra- articular instruments clutters the operative field. Originally developed for arthroscopic use, the extra articular distractor works very well in open surgery.
Pins are placed above and below the stifle approximately along the line of the medial collateral ligament. The standard distractor uses 2.5mm pins. For those TPLO surgeons who
wish to use the proximal tibial pin as their proximal jig pin, a version is available which takes 3.2mm (1/8″) pins. Turning the thumb screw distracts the joint from the medial side exposing the medial menis-cus. For better view of the caudal horn, the pins may be twisted rel- ative to each other which brings the tibial plateau forward.

External stifle distractor 2.5mm pins

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