EZ-IO Intraosseous Infusion System


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Emergencies often require quick and easy access to vascular system. Some cases present with challenges of readily obtaining intraveneous access. The EZ-IO? Intraosseous Infusion System can establish vascular access in less than 10 seconds.

EZ-IO Systems ? How Does It Work?
Special needles in 3 sizes are driven through skin, SQ, and through cortical base into intrasseous space
A magnet in the driver head holds the needle in place while placement is done
A lithium battery-powered driver can be used over 1000 times

The intraosseous vascular system can be readily accessed via key anatomical points such as tibial crest of femural trochanter head
Easy to use in large and very small patients
Deliver any drug or fluid that can be IV administered
No sedation required

EZ-IO systems are widely used in human medicine in ambulances and hospitals worldwide for over a decade.

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Power Driver, 15G x 15mm Needle Set, 15G x 25mm Needle Set, 15G x 45mm Needle Set