Fecal Assay Kit, Ruminant


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JorVet, in conjunction with Dr. Don Bliss, has developed several species-specific fecal assay kits. Dr. Bliss is a noted parasitologist from Wisconsin who has lectured extensively throughout the world on parasite control. These assay kits contain everything a veterinarian or a trained lay person would need to do a large number of fecal exams at a time. It does not include a microscope or centrifuge.

Ruminant Fecal Assay Kit.

– Sheather’s sugar solution, 1 gallon

– Dosing syringe for fecal solution

– Microscope slides and coverslips

– Pet mitts for stool collection

– Wash bottle

– Fecal assay strainer

– Test tube rack

– Hand held tally counter

– Centrifuge tubes

– Surgical scissors

– Tongue depressors for stirring

– Colored ruminant parasite poster

– Fecal assay bucket

– Dixie cups

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in
Laboratory Miscellaneous