Gel Positioners, Countoured 14″ L


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Gel Positioners are designed to aid in positioning patients for either surgery or radiographs. They provide firm but comfortable support.

– Made of viscoelastic polymer so it has a soft tissue-like feel

– Provides constant support and will not bottom out

– Free from latex, silicon, and plasticizer

– Will not leak or flow

– Radiolucent

– Reusable

– Easy to clean with standard disinfectants

– Compatible with warming blankets

– 2 year warranty

Gel Contoured Positioners are commonly referred to as sandbags. These are filled with gel which offers pressure redirection compared to harsh heavy rigidity of an actual sandbag.

Large gel filled sandbag. 14″L x 41/2″W x 21/4″H

Note: Gel positioners are not warranted against damage caused by chewing or nail tears.


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Weight 4.15 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 5.5 × 23 in



Patient Positioning