Gel Positioners, Trapezoid, 10″ L


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Gel Positioners are designed to aid in positioning patients for either surgery or radiographs. They provide firm but comfortable support.
– Made of viscoelastic polymer so it has a soft tissue-like feel
– Provides constant support and will not bottom out
– Free from latex, silicon, and plasticizer
– Will not leak or flow
– Radiolucent
– Reusable
– Easy to clean with standard disinfectants
– Compatible with warming blankets
– 2 year warranty

Trapezoid shaped gel positioner.
Trapezoid. 10″L x 7″W x 31/2″H

Note: Gel positioners are not warranted against damage caused by chewing or nail tears.

Additional information

Weight 5.45 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in



Patient Positioning