Gen II Anal Sac Excision Kit, 5pk



Anal sac conditions such as impaction or abscess formation are a common, often reoccurring problem in small animal medicine. The surgical excision of both anal sacs can be elected as a permanent solution to these reoccurring issues. This excision can be a surgical challenge because of the collapsed nature of empty anal sacs, the risk of anal sphincter compromise, and the lack of discernable anatomical landmarks in a vascular surgical field.

Overview of Product
The Gen II product uses a safe and nontoxic polymer gel that is infused as soft gel into the empty anal sac. The gel solidifies after 2-4 minutes in the anal sac. This provides an easily discernible mass that can be dissected out fairly readily. This reduces surgery time and the risk of leaving anal sac remnants.

Kit is a single complete unit
• 18g plastic blunt angled needle for easy insertion in to anal sac opening /duct
• Dual chambered cartridge of polymer with mixing tip.
-Gel solidifies 2-4 minutes upon application
• Capacity of 2.4cc is sufficient for larger patients
• Superb ergonomic design for small hands
• Simple turn and click of syringe hub opens gel pathway
• Includes directions for use

Gen II Anal Sac Excision Kit 5/pk

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 4.5 × 1.5 in