GingiShield™ Enamel Sealant Refill Kit


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The formation of plaque and related periodontal disease is a problem for the majority of pets over 3 years of age. Professional dental prophylaxis or teeth cleaning is a very important foundation of treatment. However, the biofilm of harmful bacteria quickly remerges to start the formation of dental plaque right after successful cleaning. So any product that can slow down or inhibit this kind of bacteria from growing on the tooth surface should be an important new treatment modality for veterinary dental health.
JorVet brings the same clinically tested, FDA-cleared SELDOX® antimicrobial technology used in human dentistry to veterinary applications where plaque prevention is key to better gingival health.

What is SELDOX® Antimicrobial Technology?
SELDOX® is a patented organo-selenium compound proven to significantly inhibit bacteria and fungal growth and bio- film formation. Selenium is a naturally occurring, non-toxic, trace mineral that is essential to the overall health of both animals and people.

GingiShield™ is a clear, light-cured SELDOX®-enhanced tooth sealant applied by veterinary professionals to at-risk tooth surfaces to neutralize bacteria, inhibit plaque formation, and reduce the occurrence of periodontal disease. GingiShield™ does not replace the need for brushing or cleaning, but offers an added layer of antibacterial protection lasting up to two years. All for a cost of about $10 per treatment.

Kit includes:
• 2 x 1.5ml Sealant syringes
• 2 x 1.2ml Etchant Syringes
• Disposable Syringe Tips
• Disposable Applicator Brushes
• Instructions For Use
• Product Dimensions 6” x 3” x 1.5”

GingiShield™ Enamel Sealant Refill Kit

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2.5 × 1.25 in