Halti Harness, Small


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The Halti Harness. Designed by Dr. Roger Mugford, the Halti Harness has a unique patented front attachment system that controls the dog from his chest and shoulders; an effective point of control. The Halti Harness stops pulling, calms over-boisterous dogs and simplifies training and behavioral therapy. The benefit of a properly used Halti Harness is that is gives total control over the dog’s shoulders and thus sets the direction in which he can move.

Best used in conjunction with the double ended Halti Training Lead, linked to both the chest

and shoulder rings of the harness. The specially padded design is extremely comfortable for the dog to wear and is suitable for all breeds of dog. The new, patented Halti Harness is available in three sizes.

The Halti Harness comes with a free comprehensive training guide and represents excellent value for the money.


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