Hand-Held Slit Lamp


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Hand-Held Slit Lamp. Modern LED illumination all day, is the every day must for a slit lamp. The advanced, high performance optics combine seamlessly with intuitive controls. Lightweight but strong and durable for fatigue free, all day use.
• Superb multi-coated optics provide bright, clear distortion-free images
• 10x and 16x magnification via selection lever
• High-power LED illumination controllable by rotating wheel
• 10-year LED warranty
• 5-year physical product warranty including lithium cell
• Quick Charging – Less than 2 hours
• Long Battery Life – Over 6 hours continuous use
• Aluminum storage case

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Weight 1.04 lbs
Dimensions 6.4 × 4.88 × 8.07 in