HDE Evolution Power Float Kit Set, 4 Water-cooling


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The HDE Evolution Power Float Kit Set, 4 Water-cooling is made up of the following:


J1410s4wc SET 4 CLASSIC  water-cooling
J1413d12 Flexxidisc curved TWIST LONG – Watercooling
J1412d23 Polyfloat straight TWIST Water-cooled LONG (without burr)
J1412d10 Polyfloat Applecore Burr 14mm
J1412d13 Polyfloat occlusal burr
J1412d20 Polyfloat conical burr long model
J1412d18 Polyfloat long versatile cylindrical burr
J1410d16 US Motor EVOLUTION with Battery USA  for HDE drive shaft with NEW VEST
J1410d12 Quickflex Reinforced drive shaft w/ spring Water-cooled (47 inches length)
J1410mt Instrument case TROLLEY
J1410d14 New Kit Water-cooled with bag and pump (without vest)
J1414d9 11th Handpiece Straight Open
J1415d2 Stainless steel brush with holder

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 15.25 × 10 in
Equine Dental Instruments