Hele Equine Hoof Cushion Size #1


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Equine laminitis is a fairly common, but serious equine malady. Acute laminitis is a medical emergency that should receive immediate corrective treatment to avoid long term complications. If possible, treatments should start before clinical signs development from such conditions as grain overload or a retained placenta.
Common laminitis treatments include:
• Removing the causative problem, if known.
• Cryotherapy: getting a constant 24/7 exposure to ice slurry or cold water to affected feet. Very labor intensive.
• NSAIDs such as Flunixin or Phenylbutazone.
• Mechanical support with two goals in mind: limiting rotation of the coffin bone by elevation of the heel and increasing patient comfort.
Hele Equine Hoof Cushions are a new European design of a wedge-shaped pad of compressed particles of highly-resilient black rubber. The pad can be slightly compressed, but retains its original shape for proper support.
The wedge shape elevates the heel to reduce tension by the deep digital flexor tendon on its coffin bone and allows the extensor tendon to help prevent the coffin bone from rotation.
The pad supports the sole and frog without putting pressure on the laminae and hoof wall.

Tips on the Equine Hoof Cushion use:
• Designed for single treatment, but can be worn for up to 4 weeks.
• Can be placed with hoof shoes if these can’t be readily removed.
• After symptoms have been reduced, the shoe can be removed and the Hele Equine Hoof Cushion can continue to be placed directly on the sole of the hoof.
• Apply with a very strong, high-quality adhesive tape such as Tesa (must be used). Vetwrap and Elastikon have too much stretch and will not hold pad in place.
• Not just for laminitis; injuries to the deep flexor tendon and accessory ligament benefit greatly with Equine Hoof Cushion.
CAUTION: Do not use the Equine Hoof Cushions for injuries to suspensory apparatus as damage or injury could be aggravated.

Other mechanical supports compared to Hoof Cushion:
• Styrofoam: Soft material with no resiliency. Compacts so does not consistently elevate the heel.
• Cast and wooden blocks: No resiliency or limited compression. Poor patient comfort.
• Impression materials: Little resiliency and limited heel elevation

Elevates heel 24 degrees

Equine Hoof Cushion – Size #1: Foals and Miniatures. Black and orange color.

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