iSperm® Caprine Software w/o iPad®(Mini 6)


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Simple, fast and accurate semen analysis is a goal of the professional repro specialist.

The iSperm® app and iPad mini provides accurate sperm motility and concentration in less than 10 seconds. Dip sample collector into semen sample. Attach cover chip to the collector. Turn on the light source at the end of the sample collector and screw the collector into the sleeve of the microscopic optical lens of the iSperm® in the iPad mini.

Traditional semen evaluation uses complex and expensive instrumentation such as the CASA system with microscopes and photometers/densometers. These are not suitable for field use, plus are much more time consuming with a need for specialized training.

Results are archived automatically to the iSperm Cloud®. No need for manually recording data.


– Optical magnification:

Equivalent to 200x in a traditional microscope

– Optical resolution: 1μm

– It is recommended to dilute sample to 20-100mill/ml for concentration and 20-50mill/ml for motility accuracy

– iPad compatibility: iPad Mini 6 (not included)

The iSperm® user friendly app is species specific – Caprine Software



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