JorClave Solution, Foaming Autoclave Cleaner


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Foaming Autoclave Cleaner. The steam autoclave is a work- horse in today’s veterinary clinic. Its heavy use even with distilled water results in dark brown scale deposits on the inside chamber. If not regularly cleaned, these deposits will foul the surgical pack and affect the performance and longevity of the autoclave. It is recommended to clean the autoclave after every 20 cycles, or once per month if used everyday.

The JorClave foaming autoclave cleaner will remove all rust spots, stains, and corrosion. In addition scale, alkaline and mineral deposits on the inside chamber walls of autoclave. It also works well on stainless steel carts, trays, or surfaces.

– Mild acidic solution removes rust, stain, spotting, and corrosion

– Most other solutions are slightly alkaline, but the actual deposits are alkaline in pH.

– Foaming action stays on surface longer than standard liquid spray

– Pump spray goes on easily and quickly

– Restores original finish

– No more noxious odor from walls of autoclave

22 oz. Pump spray bottle

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