JorNet Tubular Elastic Retainer Net





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Many indications for bandaging are a challenge because of anatomical contours and large surfaces to cover. The JorNet is a tight, but elastic mesh that fits over body shapes of any type. It remains in position to hold primary and secondary wound dressing in place. Eliminates the need for sticky tape in many cases.

• Reduces the need to shave fur

• Can replace both adhesive tape and gauze wrap

• Considerable cost savings

• Sizes to fit all animals tiny to large

• Simply roll out and cut to desired length

• 25yds stretched. In a dispensing box

• Primary bandage can be held in place snuggly over wound

JorNet Sizes:

J1533 – Size 1 – Small dog/cat paw

J1533A – Size 3 – Medium dog paw, small dog, cat head

J1533B – Size 5 – Large dog paw, small dog/cat abdomen, horse lower leg

J1533C – Size 7 – Medium dog/cat abdomen, Extra large horse lower leg

J1533D – Size 9 – Large dof abdomen, large dog head, small horse head

J1533E – Size 11 – Medium to large horse neck (over ear)

J1533F – Size 22 – Medium to X-Large horse abdomen

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