JorVet AbsorbENT Ear Wick, 9mm Dia. x 24mm L


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Ear Wicks have been utilized for a long time in human medicine. Recent improvements have made them a valuable adjunct to treating otitis externa for veterinarians. AbsorbENTTM sponges consist of a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) with interconnecting open cells that are extremely soft and pliable. The interconnected cell structure produces a packing that is exceptionally strong, highly absorbent and virtually lint and fiber free. AbsorbENTTM is designed as an aid in treatment of otitis externa. When liquid medication is applied to the sterile, compressed sponge, it gently and evenly expands to fill the ear canal dispersing the medication and ap- plying gentle pressure to the tissue.
– Expands rapidly for effective distribution of liquid medication
– Soft, pliable sponges enhance patient comfort while applying gentle pressure
– Compressed and sterile for rapid patient insertion and treatment
– Suture can be laced around the end for easy retrieval
Ear Wicks are perfect for:
– Clients who cannot readily treat their animal at home
– Refractory or challenging cases that are not responding to other treatment
Suggested use: Insert Ear Wick and infuse appropriate antibiotic or corticosteroid into sponge. Leave in place for a few days (probably no more than 4 days). The resulting reduction in edema or swelling will cause Ear Wick to be easily removed.
Note: Ear Wicks are designed for Glycol or aqueous otic solutions. They will not work with oil based emulsions such as Panalog (Ft. Dodge Animal Health). Also, for large breed dogs (over 80 lbs) 2 or more Ear Wicks may be required.

Ear Wick 9mm diameter x 24mm length (50/pk)

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