JorVet Soda Lime, 5-Gallon


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JorVet Soda Lime. Carbon dioxide absorbent granules. JorVet soda lime is a high-grade granular product that effectively absorbs carbon dioxide that is produced as an anesthesia by-product. It is a mixture of calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2 also known as lime plus a smaller amount of sodium hydroxide NaOH. Upon exposure to carbon dioxide CO2, the calcium hydroxide converts to calcium carbonate Ca(CO3). This prevents CO2 buildup in a re-breathing circuit. The sodium hydroxide acts as a catalyst in the process. No potassium hydroxide (KOH) is present in JorVet soda lime; this helps to avoid the formation of toxic compounds such as Compound A and carbon monoxide.

JorVet soda lime has a pH color change indicator that changes from white to violet when the soda lime needs to be changed. It will eventually return to its original color if not changed. Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to replace the soda lime every time the vaporizer is filled.

5-gallon container

– Minimal dust

– No KOH-minimizing chance of anesthetic reactions that produce toxins

– Irregular particle size-creates more surface area

– Saturation indicator built-in changes from white to violet

– Particle size 4-8 USP Mesh (2.5mm-5mm)

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Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 20.5 × 12.25 × 12.25 in
Anesthesia Machine Misc.