Kat Kath Tomcat Catheter, w/ Luer Lock, 3.5Fr x 11cm


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KatKath TomCat Urinary Catheter. Easy placement. Flexible for maximum comfort. Thin walled-larger bore lumen. Great longitudal strength. Rounded atraumaticopen-ended tip.
More flexible/Low coefficient of friction. The catheter is made from a Rot unique non-reactive material which has similar properties to Telfon but is more flexible. More flexibility allows greater comfort.
Crush Resistant. The KatKath is almost impossible to crush and is also highly resistant to kinking. This allows placement without the use of a stylet. (Useful if flushing is required during the act of placement.)
Well Tolerated. The KatKath may be left in place for hours or days, dependant on individual needs, and is extremely well tolerated by even the most difficult patients.
Great Longitudinal Strength. The KatKath’s increased flexibility does not diminish its abillity in the effective treatment of blocked cats due to its great longitudinal strength and will not concertina even when encountering gross resistance.
Rotating Suture Collar. The KatKathTM has a rotating suture collar – to allow nat- ural rotation while in situ. This also lowers the tension on sutures.

3.5fr OD. 11cm long with Luer lock

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Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 0.25 in


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