Kitty and Kanine Kollar, w/ ‘E’ Tube, Small


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The collar was designed to be a sensible solution to the everyday patient management of an esophagostomy tube (e-tube) in the cat and dog. The adjustable collar fits securely around the animal’s neck, with a hole for the tube and a VelcroTM strap to secure it when it is not in use. Circular cotton pads are supplied to place between the collar and the skin, protecting the wound to absorb drainage from below and protect from contaminants from above. It eliminates the need for owners to attempt to learn bandaging techniques, as well as unnecessary repeated visits to your office for re-bandaging. Primary benefits include:
– Machine washable collars provide superior cleanliness of site
– Ease of application and removal (=convenience)
– Lowered risk of tube removal by animal
– Decreased risk of wound trauma (animals scratch at site less; less chance that owners will bandage too tightly and restrict breathing)
– Can leave in place for Radiographs, MRI, chemotherapy, other procedures
– Aesthetically pleasing for “squeamish” clients
– Send home a more professional and compassionate presentation
Each collar is packaged in a plastic bag with a laminated information card, and comes with 6 protector pads (a one-to two week supply).

Kitty Kollar and ‘E’ Tube together in a kit.
Small Kitty Kollar (J1085a) with ‘E’ Tube (J0390)

Product is available for vet clinic orders only.

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